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    Wave Venture only running with choke on

    Good morning guys,
    I'm new to the forum and searched the forum before asking this question. My wife's 1997 Wave Venture 1100 triple will only run with choke half way pulled out. I already replaced the fuel filter, and had my local watercraft mechanic clean out the carbs. My mechanic said I might want to have the carbs rebuilt in the future. I am in the process of ordering the kits from I noticed on the parts page there are six diffrent needle and seat options. I read on the forum that sometimes its posted on the bottom of your seat, I looked there last night with no luck. Her Wave Venture is completely stock. Does anyone know where I can find which needle & seat I need? i just want to make sure I get the right parts this place is all the way in Clearwater,FL. Thanks for any help.

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    Good chance its a broken reeds pedal or holes in carb diaphrams easy check remove square plate on each carb has 4 phillips head bolts get the black felt circle out 'diaphram' hold to the light should be no light passing through...but check reeds 1st while carbs are off prob. use your fingers in the reed holes to feel for all them..wouldnt hurt to clean out the main and pilot jets while there...

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    First you have a remote fuel pump..most likely it's ready to be replaced if someone actually cleaned the carbs as needed and completely took them apart. The 1100 series run a remote while the 65U "GP1200" run the ones on the carbs. This is more then likely the problem. As far as the needles....your stock ones are 1.5 which is on the bottom of each one. ONLY use OEM parts....there is no subing this OEM Mukuni parts when your dealing with carbs. Another item you will need is an imapct driver to remove your valve body sections or you will strip out the threads.


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