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    New to the forum few questions

    Wassup fellas I'm new to the forum and I'm in the market for a ski for the summer so far I'm looking at 96 xp. I've herd good things about them and think that's gonna be my starting point in the pwc lifestyle so my questions are... Is there a lot of x4's out there on the water now days? How are they doing vs the newer faster skis? Random question that I would like to know is there any x4 going 70+ mph ??
    All help is greatly appreciated ! Thanks fellas

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    there are not many 70+ x4's out there !
    I think I know of two, (i'm sure there are many tho) but lots of 60-65 mph x4-s which is a much more realistic goal.
    bottom line, IMO, if you aren't a seasoned mechanic with money to burn, and a little crazy, you'll never see 70.
    shoot for 60-62 mph and see how you like it first, that can be done for under $600 in mods. then decide how fast you want to spend.
    the last 8mph are like taking the last 8 strokes off your golf game once you hitting in the 70's. (its hard !)

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    I dumped $9k into a ski trying to reach the 70mph range. I started with a 98 GSXL at 59mph and ended up at 69mph. The motor was capable but the hull was not unless you run stock sponsons, the problem is, you get alot more lift out of stock sponsons and the ski would let loose unpredictably over 70mph. Not a very fun ride at that point and just about every bone stock 4 stroke will still smoke you.

    The X4 is a much more capable hull than the gsxl but still, if your plan is to build one up that will run with the big boys, you are going to be broke and disappointed. I found this out first hand.

    Because I already owned the ski outright, i thought I would be further ahead to just build it up but the truth is, even maxed out, the best I could hope for was matched top speed and performance to most newer stock skis, at roughly the same cost.

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    Thanks guys that all I needed to hear...guess for top speed the newer skis are the way to go but from what I read on here and other forums the x4 is a way more fun ski

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    and i just happen to have a 96 XP for sale !!!!! fresh pistons & rings, carbs cleaned and adjusted, new wear ring, VTS works, beach works sponsons, new seat cover to be installed right up here in brevard county !!!!!!!

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    .yea I spent about 3.5k in a 96XP for it to go 65 I would have needed at least another 2k to get it to 70. Go with an RXP and call it good. you will thank me and your wallet later

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    Lol, I needed a mag pump to get past 69mph and an XP Hull to get past 72mph.

    I went up against a turbo Honda a couple summers ago and figured if I couldn't outrun it, at least I could blow it away out of the hole but it held me all the way. I went home in shame and put the ski up for sale that night.

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    well... I think that settles it

    shoot for 60-62 or buy a different ride

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    Thanks a lot fellas I figured that 70 would high number and big I got one to see tomorrow if the deal does fall through I'll pm you thanks !

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    That thing is clean! The 96 xp rocks, Probably the most fun all around ski. They'll run 56-57 mph and out hole shot a rxp. Kinda suck in the chop and on long rides though.

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