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    Where's the Battery?

    I have been ask by a neighbor to take her two PWC'c out of the cradle and clean them up for Sale. I have been involved with personal watercraft since 1986 when I got my first JS 550. That was before most who will read this were born. I took the golf cart down to the end of our street weher her dock is located and took the seat off of the Polairs. It is a 1995 750. I must have looked for at least ten minutes. I am embarased to say this but I could not find the Battery. And yes I looked under the hood in the front. It was allmost dark and I will try again after someone tells me where it is.

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    Should be under the ebox where all the wiring connects. The box is held on top of the battery with a rubber bungee strap.

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    Also very important is there is a plastic cover over the battery, this must be in place or it will ground against the electrical box & burn up the wiring & stator & CDI.

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