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    Hull cracks by the bulkhead

    I was just checking through things on the Ski and noticed some cracks starting by the bulkhead mounting point (left hand side) on the inner skin. Nothing that I can see on the outer skin.

    Is this a common problem that anybody has seen before or just my bad luck?

    The Ski is a 1300 2004 with 130 hours on it. It's used at sea in rough conditions so the hull takes quite a pounding.

    I've allways wonderd how much punishment these hulls can take.

    I've checked round the engine mounts and the other side of the bulk head and they all look OK.

    I be grinding the cracks out at the weekend and laying in some new matting to fix this before it causes any further problems.
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    If you take the bolt out I dont think the insert has a bottom in it. I would spray some expanding foam in there just to give it a little extra support from the bottom side.

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    Make sure to use epoxy resin! West System makes a good one and is
    available at ACE hardware, at least in Fl.

    Have you done your pump tunnel yet?

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    Hull Cracks

    Hi Kev
    Make Sure You Grind As Deep As You Can Without Going Right Through Then Build Up The Original Thickness Plus Two Or Three Layers On Top .also Sp106 Is Designed For Smc And Is Bl**dy Strong.

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    I've just ground into the cracks and doesn't look to bad. The bulk head is still glued in place.

    I've got one of those west systems packs for SMC so will be sorting this put in few days.

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