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    99 genesis Ficht misfires won't start

    Been working on this for a while now have checked what I feel is everything ski has spark and is getting fuel when you crank it sometime starts and runs very rough, most the time it just cranks and back fires through the exhaust. Pulled crank sensor and cleaned end and all magnets on flywheel, they were fairly clean anyway. Fresh fuel spark plugs are fuel wet of coarse. New battery as well. Any help on this would be appreciated

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    Send the EMM to DFI. They'll check it for free and if it's not, they're the only ones who can repair it. My money's on the EMM being shot.

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    Dfi sent emm back with no problem found. What else could cause this, what would the effect of missing magnet on flywheel, would that give erratic pulse counts to cause same issue

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    Check the CPS with a meter. You should get 200 Ohms or less. Do you have the correct plugs installed? PZFR6H no substitutes. Just to verify, have you pulled the flywheel and actually verified all the magnets are there? Should be 6. Fuel pressure good? Should be at least 20 PSI. Check the voltage on the red white wire going to the injectors. Should get 20 volts while cranking and 40-45 volts when it starts. Do not unplug any of the injectors when your testing for this. Let us know what you get.

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