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    how to bypass dess post

    anyone know how to bypass dess post on 08 rxpx??

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    The DESS posted is needed to be able to read the lanyard key, the key is married to the ECU therefore this can't be done!

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    You posted in another thread that you were trying to diagnose a possible DESS issue. Is this what you mean by bypassing, so you can diagnose a problem? If that is the case, then you need to diagnose the DESS post itself, not try to bypass it. The DESS post is a very simple device, has either one or two reed switches inside that often fail. If your post has 3 wires, then it is a single reed switch version, if it has 4 wires, then it has two reed switches. When you put the DESS key on the post, the magnet in the key is supposed to close the reed switches. The reed switch wires are the black/yellow wire on the 3 wire version, and the 4th wire on the 4-wire version is black/purple. Both switches short out to the solid black wire when closed.

    Simply disconnect the harness going up to the steering column, and test continuity between the black/yellow and black, and the black/purple and black with the key on the post. Both should read near zero ohms.

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