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Thread: Need some help!

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    Need some help!

    Hi all! I really need some help.

    It started last fall, when i bought my used Yamaha 700 XL from 2003, i was test riding it and realized that it only made about 55kmh, when it should make about 80 kmh.
    Anyway, i look at the impeller and saw that it was gap between the impeller housing and the impeller, (about 2-3 mm, when the limit i 0,6 mm).

    So i did order a new House,impeller and a repair kit for the duct,impeller (bearings).
    But when i was going to replace those things did i realize that the things dident match. someone previous owner has replaced the hole jetunit. probably from a Yamaha Super jet.

    So the question is, what do now? how much speed do you guys think im gonna loose with this jet unit? (with a new impeller)
    The original impeller for a XL 700 is 155mm, and for Super Jet 144, so its about 10 mm smaller now.
    Can anyone see if the engine is original or replaced?
    I need to know thats original on this machine and whats replaced

    i have taken alot of pictures, you can see them on:

    You must excuse my English, it is not the best, but hope you understand anyway.
    Really need some help with this, appreciate all the help i can get.

    /Best regard

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    The one part number you took a picture of is for reeds off a 760 engine, and i dont know if you particular ski came factory with that engine or not, but what ever is in it has reeds from a 760. I dont think thats a superjet pump as the superjet cones dont have a trim on them if i remember right, but it might be from a waiveraider wich did have trim. The manf. date in that part number also says jun89, so maybe june of 1989? Who knows what the hell kind of a frankenstein ski you have, maybe someone who really know yamahas will chime in.......

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    I have also looked at the number on the cover of the carburetor (64X-14283-00-00), the part number for the XL700 is 62T-14283-00-00, so the only think that makes them diffrent is the
    first 3 numbers


    If you look at a new carburetor cover for a XL700, its also says Jun89,
    So that means that Jun89 have nothing to do with the production date?

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    I can tell you there are several different model parts on your engine. The crankcase has the newer color paint on it, while the cylinder block has the color used in the 90's, as if it has a older cylinders on it, and the exhaust pipe is a third color, like a 98 GP would have. If original, all those parts would be the same color as they are painted all at once when the engine is assembled at the factory. The Impeller charts show a 155 pump as the stock one for an 03 XL700.

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    Oh! thats not good. The only thing i think i can do is try to find out where the jetunit is from, change the impeller,impeller housing. and hope that the engine dont fall apart

    How do you guys think this machine will hold up? i not very good with this stuff, but in my head, I think everything will fall apart when I put it in the water, Like 87r said, "frankenstein ski"

    I think that engine is a 760, but i dont know where the shaft is from, have anyone seen a shaft like this from
    any model?
    (The bearing repair kit for a 760 and 700, dosent fit on that shaft)

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