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    GSX Ltd vs WavRaider 1100 and GR1300r

    So my ski is a 98 GSX Ltd, and my friend just bought a Waveraider 1100 and I'm wondering how these two will stack up? On smooth water, rough water, straight line speed, holeshot, handling, and gas usage? I have no problem finding info on my GSXL but finding specs and info on that Waveraider is proving to be hard. Curious what you all think, or for those of you with experience, what you know?


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    Any Seadoo is better than every other non-Seadoo.

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    The waveraider is a pile of shet , only made it 2 years , tell your buddy to not get his self in a jam in rough water , that thing will eat his lunch, ill handling , terrible on fuel, the electronics r mounted to the engine and they beat them selves to death, vibrated awful

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    Seems about in line with other things I've read about the 1100. Does anyone know why Seadoo never had Rotax produce a 2 cylinder 2 stroke? I can only imagine the kind of power Rotax could get out of a triple 2 stroke if they can put out 130hp with a twin. I've heard it has to do with the resonance of a H.O. 2 stroke triple being bad and causing issue?


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    I think emissions and the 4-stroke technology forced them down a different path. Besides, they played with triple's in snowmobiles for a couple years and went back to 2 cylinders. Something about the torsion in the longer 3 cyl cranks...

    I had a 98 GSXL and loved the hull. It will beat you up pretty good in rougher water but remain hooked up and predictable. I bought a GP800 a couple years ago and hated the hull. It felt loose at just about any speed and way too unpredictable and loose at higher speeds for me to be comfortable on.

    I will say that the Yamaha craft do seem to have better engines though and I had nothing but problems with my 951 so there's always give and take.

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    The Raider is going to have a VERY Wet Ride too.

    I had a '99 GSX-L and Loved it. It had the Silver Motor, which is the "Good" one. If your '98 has the White Motor, it's a Ticking Time Bomb.

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    I've got the later model-year '98 with the red deck and silver motor. Haven't had a chance to ride yet(still cold up here in WI), but it's got 177 hours and 14 on a rebuilt engine done by a reputable guy in town, according to the guy I bought it from. He lied about and tried to hide some other issues, like an oil leak that he stuffed a rag up under the engine so it wouldn't run to the back of the hull. I've gone through and replaced the VTS and exhaust coupler, may end up replacing the water regulator(possibly the cause of the delaminated rubber exhaust coupler?) would that part malfunctioning cause this? I've pinpointed the oil leak to the pump, so I now just have to figure out if the hose is leaking and it's a quick fix, or if the pump needs work. Hoping it's just the hose.

    Interesting they experimented with triples. What your talking about with the torsion may have been what my guy was talking about. I've heard the longer cranks can twist and cause timing issues. Still amazes me how Rotax can get 110hp out of 787cc's and it take Yami 1100cc's to achieve the same.

    Maybe I'll start another thread about it, but I'll ask here on the chance someone knows. Is it a bad idea to take off the fuel pump side cover on the mag carb, while it's still in place and attached to the engine? I just want to check the screen to determine if the huge hassle of removing these things is necessary. Guy said the carbs were rebuilt with the engine, and plugs don't show any signs of lean running, but it's still got grey lines, so I want to see if if the carbs are still good and I can just replace them, or if more's necessary.

    Everyone seems to like the GSX-L hull. To me, I'm trying to find something between an XP and a GTX. Still pretty playful, but not so tippy with two. My '96 and '94 XP's were terrible with this. Most of the riding I do is inland, with a little in lake michigan. Anyone who's owned both XP and GSX-L have any comments on the tippiness with two people of both? Also the handling comparisons?

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    I still have a box of parts from my GSXL if you need anything, just cover shipping and I'd be happy to help you out.

    It's much easier to work on the carbs out of the ski but still possible within the hull. I would definately change out those grey lines although I never ever did find any issues with mine. The question is, change them to what? I only use OEM yamaha fuel lines now on al my skis.

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    What parts do you have? I'll keep that in mind if I find anything else that needs replacing.

    I know it's definitely a lot easier to work on them out of the machine. It seems like a lot of work to remove all the linkages and everything else to get them out just to check the screen though. If my assumption is right( I'll have to check the manual later) the fuel pump is on the forward facing side of the Mag carb, which is very easily accessed with only the front "snorkel" removed. If the screen is clean I may not swap the lines as both my '94 and '96 XP had the grey lines and showed no signs of deterioration when I cleaned those machines carbs. No gunk in any of those screens. If I do change them I'll probably just use Napa fuel line. I can get it locally and have seen many recommend it.

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    Entire ebox and harness, couple spare pump shafts, misc seals and gaskets, bilge tubes, stator cover, engine mounts and a couple of those little black tubes that go in the reduction nozzle for the stock siphon bilge. Th ebox is worth some $$$ but the rest of the parts are just taking up space. Cover shipping and they are yours, as well as any other parts I can find and fit in the box.

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