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    Spark plug snapped off

    Hey guys, Ive had a pretty bad Easter Sunday so far. Basically I just purchased a 08 Rxpx with 92hrs on it and took it for its third run since ive owned it (3 days). Today I noticed once it warmed up it was misfiring when boost came on around 5-6k rpm, i was able to clear it out abit by jumping it out of the water, free revving. I took it back home and pulled the coilpacks out to find water had gotten inside. My fault for hosing down the engine the past 2 days. Anyways after drying them out i thought i might just pull the plugs out and have a look at them. I started with no.3 closest to the back and it was pretty tight but it came out, then went for the middle plug and sure enough it snapped clean off flush with the top of the thread. I called a friend who was a local jetski mechanic and he said he had never seen a seadoo do it but kawasaki's do it often and im most likely going to have to pull the head off and somehow remove it, possibly with an easyout. The only trouble is that I would have to drill into the ceramic and electrode and i definitely do not want to do anymore damage to the thread in the head. Hows my luck with a mobile thread/bolt remover come and take it out with the head still in place or is it too risky for anything to fall in.

    Thankyou in advance, Ryan

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    I had the same thing happen to my 05 rxp. I for sure would not try to get it out when the head is on the ski.

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    Pulling the head is not as bad as it seems but you'll need new bolts and a head gasket. If I can do it anybody can. Post here and we can help you with the removal if needed.

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    I had the same problem from a leaking intercooler leaking internally to the cylinders and corroding the spark plug threads. So my advised to you is make sure that you are not getting water inside the combustion chamber and pressure test your intercooler

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    Lots of guys are pretty successful on the Kawi side getting them out without removing the head. Make sure when you put new ones in there not over tourqed and use anti seize

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    Id try to get it out before.. you pull the head.. and worst case you still have to pull the head anyways.. whats to lose? happend to mine... easy out worked. take ur time and put dielectric(sp) grease on the threads.

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    There is a special tool for this, i know a lot of people with v3 ford modulars need it when there plugs separate.

    Maybe try to get hold of that tool?

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    in all the thread i read about changing plugs, i'm cuirous why none of them recommend anti seize on the plug threads? especially on an aluminum head..

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    Anti-sieze should always be used on the plugs on these engines. However, remember that anti-sieze is conductive, and the oils on your hands is conductive too. The proper way to handle plugs is to never touch the ceramic with bare hands, and make sure you never get anti-sieze on the ceramic as well.

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