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Thread: rxpx wont start

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    rxpx wont start

    today my friends rxpx started then throttle stuck on for a few seconds, it revved to the limiter he pulled the key straight away. then it wont start no beeps when key attached no fuel pump sound, the only thing that happens when you put key on is dash displays as usual, but everything else seems dead, tried spare key same problem, all fuses seem ok, how do you pull a fault code on 2008 rxpx, what could it be?? starter relay or somethng else electrical, could it be dess post, how to trouble shoot this problem??

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    Check the TB and make sure it has return to idle position. The TB may need to be pulled off the ski and loosen up for normal operation or replaced.

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    thanks but the throttle body has returned to idle position and operates correctly now but im thinking dess post has failed as i dont get any beeps with key attached, i want to try bypass dess or at least rule it out as the culprit i have tried several different programmed and non programmed keys on dess post and no beeps,

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