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    Servo opening and closing all the time

    Just finished rebuilding my 99 Yamaha XL 1200 LTD. Fired it up and it runs great. Shut off and started up several times. No problem at all. So I put the cover on and went inside. After a few hours I went outside and I heard the servo on the ski open and close. The ski has been off for atleast 3-4 hours. What would make the servo keep opening and closing? I am completely new at this but I pick it up very easy. This is my 1st ski ever. Any help will be great. Me and the kids hope to take it out this coming week.

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    Check the ground connections and the wire plug connections for corrosion

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    If you are talking about the plug in at the servo, I have unplugged and plugged it back in about a dozen times. I got it unplugged now so I dont run my battery down. As for the ground where are they located. The only one I know about is the ground by the starter. It starts up with no hesitation, and everything else works perfect. So are there any other grounds that I dont know about?

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    I dont know alot but I did find out that the servo motor turns 2 cables that are connected to the power valves. So the Servo is still got power to it and the Power Valves are opening and closing about every 10/15 seconds. What will cause this?

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    out of adjustment maybe,if it can not close as far as it wants to then it keeps trying to get correct close. loosen the cables slightly and see if that stops it.

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    will try tomorrow

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    There is a ground from the stator cover to the head. And one inside the stator cover and in the electrical box.

    Also the stator plug that plugs into the electrical box.

    Rocket man is right cables out of adjustment will cause the PV motor to keep cycling and usually stop. If you have slug and carbon buildup on the power valves causing them not to fully open or close can result in the same.

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