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    Ever repair a motor mount?

    I was wondering if anyone ever tried to repair a motor mount on a 440? I did find one post on that "other" PWC website, a guy recommended doing it with gorilla glue. Anyone ever try that, or any other product? On 2 skis I"ve got 6 bad mounts. That's several months payments on a SXR!

    I thought Gorilla Glue was best for porous materials with moisture in them, I know it's the shiznit for wood. But rubber? I'd be inclined to use weatherstrip adhesive, or something.

    I'm stunned that even discount online sites like Ron Ayers Motorsports want $51 each for these!

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    Thru hot products they are 23.00 ea dealer or 37 retail.... monkey grip motor mount # 57-1122

    find a hot products dealer

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    i have lots of good used ones here.

    40.00 / set of 4 + s&h if you want.

    let me know...


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