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    Removing reverse system on RXP?

    Ok so I want to completely remove the reverse system on my RXP, cable, lever, where the bucket connects, etc. My question is has anyone done this? Also, when I remove the reverse cable I will need to put a blockoff where it enters the hull right? What are you guys using for a blockoff and how?

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    question is, WHY?

    if you want it off, just unbolt the bucket and mechanism, but leave the cable in...

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    Because Im just trying to clean up the pump area as much as possible. Im not expecting any gains or anything. I simply have no use for it and want to get rid of all of it if I can and was looking for suggestions.

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    yea quite a few people i know have eliminated the reverse bucket... not to mentioned the pump area of the ski looks 1000 times better without the stupid ass reverse bucket there.

    you can use a plastic PVC threaded plug tho to put into the empty location where the reverse cable was... or like Danny said leave the handle and cable but remove the bucket

    if it weren't for my riding area and launch ramp conditions, i'd get rid of my reverse in a heartbeat... but when these things are idling at 1800+ rpms at over 4mph, i need that reverse when pulling up to bulkheads and docks and whatnot on busy weekends... and now that we removed OPAS, we have no steering whatsoever when we kill the power

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    I have removed several of the reverse buckets and
    I can say its a peice of cake.
    As for the hole left in the back where the cable goes.
    When I was doing it I would use that area for a secondary
    water inlet.
    I machined the compresion nozle to except a brass fitting (1/2) inch.
    Screwed in a 90 and seal it with pipe tape ( making sure the fitting
    was pointing backwards) towards the cable hole.
    Added a 1/2 inch fitting to the hole where the cable came thru,
    then ran a piece of hose between the two with hose clamps.
    Now this will give you a secondary water inlet run off lake water
    to be used for whatever.
    Though if you use this method you will need to filter the water
    to catch any lake debree.
    Or you can cap it off....


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    same here but on my GTX, I left the handle in place, just secured it so it won`t move, as far as the hole, I filled it with Dow 795 Gray silicone and let it cure for a few days...PR...
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