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    Looking for GPS #'s for stock GTI, GTX (2007)

    Hi there,

    Forgive me for the Newbie post. I am looking for some stock GPS#'s for the late model GTI, GTX's from Seadoo, preferably with specifics. (like fuel load, rider weight etc).

    I did a search on the various forums, but for this forum (the best I've come across for 4 stroke doo info) GPS is too short to be accepted by the search engine.

    The reason is:
    I currently own and ride a Yamaha GP800 (old school) with a couple of mild RIVA/Protec mods, & cutback Solas prop. It has great holeshot and tops out around 56-57mph GPS the last time I checked (I'm 185lbs). (fresh engine seals last season). The literature says it's 490lbs dry, and 120ish HP.

    My inlaws want to buy 2 new PWC's, and are looking at the lower end of the models. I just want to know that I won't be going to alot slower boat. I haven't ridden a late model seadoo before, but from what I see on the lake, they will have a much smoother ride in light chop.

    The 2007 'doos that he is looking at are:

    GTI -130hp
    GTI SE - 155hp
    GTX - 155hp - slightly larger hull.

    If my fatherinlaw goes ahead with the PWC purchase, I'll have to sell my GP800 as there isn't enough room at the cottage for 3 PWC lifts, plus the other boat paraphenelia....


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    Quote Originally Posted by petee_c View Post

    GTI -130hp -- +/- 54 mph
    GTI SE - 155hp -- +/- 59
    GTX - 155hp - slightly larger hull. -- +/- 57-58
    the GTI SE 155 HP would be more playful, accelerate better, and handle better, just be an overall more "fun factor" type of machine of the 3 that you listed.... my only complaint is Seadoo's "cheap" looking color scheme they use on the GTIs
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks for the answers thus far (and the welcome from the Site Admin - boy I feel honoured!)

    I'm kinda torn about getting the new ski. I love(d) my GP800, and have around 215hrs on it. I spent $800cdn last year solving a slight lean / air leak situation, and it still runs pretty good. I liked that it was 'light' and if u were lucky, you could still catch a bit of air even on inland lakes. It still has a few good years left in 'er.

    I hope to keep it in the family, and am trying to sell it to my brother-in-laws, as my parents also have a cottage on the same lake (Lake Muskoka).

    Having two 3seaters would have it's advantages as well. We know have 2 kids, (18month old and 4 yr old), and to be able to take short trips around the lake would be great fun.

    Outta curiousity, the 215hp models... do the 2007 have retard timing options if u use regular gas? Would that drop the power output to 185hp?


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    I think if you don't go with a 215 HP unit you will regret it.

    This units do have a knock sensor that will detect knock and retard timing, but it is recommended you use at least 91 octane fuel.

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    petee C, Welcome to the board! You`ll love this site and all it`s helpfull members! ...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    I think if you don't go with a 215 HP unit you will regret it.
    Spoken like a true speed freak!!! (I agree by the way)

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    hp is a one way trip. once you got it you can't go back

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I purchased 2 '06 GTI's last summer. No matter what the load or conditions, calm to slight chop, it seemed to run dead on 53. My wife & I even raced several times, she weighs 115 & I'm 190, and they were dead even. These #'s were GPS and we only ride in fresh water.

    Even tested a '06 GTI SE, same motor for '06, and posted a 53.5. You could probably squeeze off a 54 or 54.5 with a bar of fuel and a Superman run but seems 53 is the magic #.

    Now for the kicker, the GTI was just too slow for me so I sold it 3 mos later and purchased a '06 RXP.

    Good Luck!

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