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    Question Invisible Mask on for the Keel or Hull

    Hello! First post but have been lurking here for quite sometime. Just picked up a 2012 RXP and am debating installing this 3M film on the keel / hull. Has anyone had any experience with it? Search most of the sites and havent found any mention of it at all.


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    Did you ever apply the Invisible Mask on your PWC. I have a 2017 Yamaha FX HO and Megaware said their keel guard will not stay on my PWC. I am looking for something else to protect the hull and come across the Invisible Mask and Keel Eazy. Like you said, no independent information on the Invisible Mask online. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyheb View Post
    Why? Because some times anchoring is not practical or too time consuming for a brief stop as an example.

    I had keelguards on older seadoos and they worked very well but unfortunately as I got progressively newer machines and newer hull designs the keelguard were not designed for them and
    couldn't be used.

    They do save the hull from scratches etc quite well.

    I am interested in how this Invisible Mask product works on a machine though.

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