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    fuel pressure regulator gauge leaking

    Bought a fpr about three months ago for my 04 rxp from riva when i purchased it the gauge stayed at the same pressure now it leaks down to zero as soon as i shut the key off and gas is now in my oil not sure if the two issues are related or not my catch can used to be empty but since the gauge started leaking down its now full did i get a bad rrfpr or could it be something else please help

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    Regulator will leak down after the engine shuts down - there is no check valve.

    Are you running rich?

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    Could be an injector stuck open?

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    What is your AFR readings throught the rpm range you are running-- bottom end, mid range and wide open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_man_luke View Post
    Could be an injector stuck open?
    +1, my first thoughts as well.

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