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    2009 Rxt-x "chk sum" light activated?

    Anyone have any idea what "chk sum" means on the dash? Last October my 2009 rtx-x shut down completely, I was cruising on the Illinois river going 65ish. Would not start, only thing that appeared on the digital dash was "chk sum". We did all the basic checks like fuses, battery, plugs etc. but have no clue my buddy had to tow me back. Going to get to it now figured did'nt need to worry about till now when the new season hits. i am hoping it's not a huge expense.
    Thanks for any input

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    That could a computer error...

    CHK SUM could be short for checksum error - an error in the computer which could indicate a problem retrieving an instruction or a RAM (randon access memory) problem.

    If it won't start, the computer is a good place to start diagnosing...

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