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    Waveraider 1100 triple- carb rebuild ??

    Hi, id appreciate some help. I have a 1995 raider that has been sitting up for a few years. I took the engine out yesterday and stripped the carbs. I replaced the external fuel pump. I got the engine to start on the bench but seems to be only going right on 1 carb. Carbs seems ok but the diaphrams look a bit perished. Also the little clear check valve beside the high speed jets on 2 of the carbs are slightly kinked. Would this cause the carbs not to idle on low speed? Also where is the best place to buy a rebuild kit? (live in ireland but can order form US) Also having the 3 carbs, what is the best way to tune/sync the 3 carbs if i do get them all to run ok. Thanks in advance

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    Also, am i looking for a 38 or 44 rebuild kit ??

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    I'm not sure if you need the 38 or 44, but try to find original mikuni parts for the rebuild. I would put money on it that they need to be torn down and redone if it has been sitting with fuel in there. Also, it is cheap assurance that they are working correctly and you aren't gonna have one go lean. They aren't hard to do, just start one at a time, finish it, and move to the next one. For sinking them, I like to start at the carb with the cable linkage, and with the plates completely closed attach the center carb and adjust the screws so that the plates lay exactly flat, then do the same for the last. I'm not sure if this is the professional method but it's how I do it and have never had a issue. Just make sure they all open at the same rate and close at the same rate. If yu don't move the adjusting screws it should not change during disassembly, but who knows.

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    They are Mikuni 38's. I've bought all my carb parts/kits from ProTec. They've always been reliable and helpful.

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