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    Load-Rite Light Problems

    Ok, long story short, I replaced the two rear lights on my trailer, tested them and everything worked EXCEPT the breaklights. When i had my vehicles lights on, when i hit the brakes, all the trailer lights go out. Now when I have no lights on , and I hit the brakes, the brake lights work fine. Any ideas?

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    all trailer wire harnesses are universal color coded. Brown is always your running lights(marker lights) green(left) and yellow(right) are your brake and turn signals. Check your connections and make sure they are not reversed. If they're not reversed. you could have a bad ground at light, short in wire harness or defective light.

    I built trailers for loadrite for 7 years. It sucked when the trailer was finished and I tested the lights and they didn't work and I had to track down the problem. We started wiring the lights with the light tester hooked up. As we went along they would light. If there was a problem we would know exactly where it was.

    If i were trouble shooting your trailer. I would start by making sure the wires weren't reversed at the rear lights. If they aren't reversed. I would cut the taillights off and start over. This time I would start by having the trailer harness hooked to vehicle with only the marker (running)lights on for the truck. If the side marker lights are on, on the trailer. The problem isn't there. I'd now move to the rear and hook up the brown wires on each taillight. If they light, I'd now turn on my truck hazards and wire the green & yellow. The taillights should flash now. Final test is to turn everything off in truck and check the brake lights.

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    You are the man! In your last paragraph is what my problem is (maybe im reading it wrong) but the turn signals and hazards work, but when the brakes are applied, everything turns off until i release the brake.

    Ill check my connections tonight

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    All the lights going out when one particular circuit is energized (in your case, the brakes) is often a symptom of a bad ground. My guess is that the entire trailer is getting a poor ground. Do you have a tested and known-good ground running through your electrical connector, or are you relying on the trailer grounding through the ball?

    (The latter is VERY problematic...)

    Check your grounds. For testing purposes you can use a set of booster cables - clamp one end to a good ground on your tow vehicle and the other end to a good clean/shiny spot on your trailer when you know you'll get a good ground - or better yet, directly touching the ground wire on the trailer side of the electrical system. If everything magically works well after that you have a ground problem.

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    (Assuming this has fixed the OP's problem, I'm also havin a problem w/ my load right lights)

    I was previously having problems with my trailer lights, so I redid all 3 grounds (2 on the trailer, and 1 in my trunk). The WEIRD problems went away, but now only the running lights on the trailer are working perfectly. Brakes, left, and right turn on the trailer aren't working at ALL! But every single bulb on my car is working fine.
    My buddy has the same car as me, and my wires for the trailer harness are hooked to the same wires as his going to the cars' tail lights. Soooo he hooks HIS car up to MY trailer.... every single light on the trailer works flawlessly. So the trailer is working 100%, its something with my car.

    Sooooo I hook up a direct 12V wire from the battery to each individual yellow (left turn), red (brake), and green (right turn) wires on the car-half of the trailer harness...... none of them work.
    I'm thinking its my trailer harness in the car is faulty?? Even tho its only a lil more than a year old.

    Next thing I'm gonna do today is hook direct 12V to each pin on the 4pin connector on the TRAILER to bypass the car harness. If that works, I know the car harness is bad.
    If that doesn't work..... I'm gonna flip my ski over in a fit of rage.

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    Phew, just as I suspected. Installed a brand new car harness..... all lights working perfectly now.

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