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    Noticed a change in fuel consumption when switched over to premix

    This past sunday took the ski out all day and I dont know if its nothing to worry about or is something wrong with my me it seems the fuel consumption on my 99' sltx is higher now that I run premix because befor when I had the oil pump it seemed like I can run my ski on a full tank for 5 hours then its like 3.5 to 4 hours....could something be wrong with the carbs or is it normal to use more fuel now that its premix???I think I might be over analyzing it or maybe not....

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    It is going to pull more fuel as the amount of gas in the tank is being displaced by the oil that is no longer in the tank. Im guessing you also richened up the carbs a little when doing the conversion, wich would also cause a higher consumption of fuel.

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    That sounds right to me also.

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