We're pretty sure that our friends Down Under would agree that Foster's is not Australian for Beer. But can we be bold enough to say that Jettribe is Australian for PWC gear? Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and say it!

Thanks to all our dealers, distributors and fans for making 2011 Jettribe's most successful year yet, Jettribe is happy and very proud to announce the new Jettribe Australia! So put another shrimp on the barbie because Jettribe now has an HQ just outside Sydney, Australia! Australia has always been such a huge market for Jettribe, keeping us busy getting gear of the shelves during our cold months that it was only natural that Jettribe headed to the otherside where our winters were their summers. What does that mean? It means for all of our Aussie fans, Jettribe now has a distribution line directly to Australia so no more waiting for inventory and long shipping times to get your favorite Jettribe gear in time for the riding season. You can also expect to see the Jettribe Australia Rig bringing race specials touring the race circuits.

We want to welcome George S. to the Jettribe Family. A long time distributor and lover of Jettribe Products, he's our point man for Australia, and we're confident he'll rep Jettribe with the same love and passion as we do in our neck of the woods.

Once again, we can't thank everyone enough for Jettribe's growth and success in 2011, and we want to thank Australia especially for loving and demanding Jettribe. Without you, there would be no Jettribe Australia! Ride on!

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