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    Starting a 587 After Long Storage

    I have a 92 GTS with a 587. It has been sitting in storage for (3) years. I know i will have to get the carbs rebuilt and the fuel lines changed, but want to see if it will run first.

    What else should i do prior to starting besides the below:
    1) Change spark plugs
    2) New gas and oil
    3) Put a few drops of oil in each cylinder prior to new plugs?
    4) New battery
    5) ...............?

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    new gear oil in pump
    grease drive shaft
    put more than a couple drops in the spark plug holes...maybe a slight pour.
    after cranking replace spark plugs again.
    trim plug wires back 1/4"
    flush coolant system
    check steering cable
    replace main ground wire

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    All good advice but why not just do the mintenance first. You know it needs to be done and if you do have a blockage in the carb or filter you could cause a lean condition and ruin a perfectly good engine just to see if it will run. I would hate to see you waste a good engine.

    5. Also add a little oil down the carb just to lube the crank and rotary valve.
    6. Replace the large fuel filter and o-ring.
    7. Replace the in-line oil filter when you change the oil.
    8. Check oil pump adjustment.
    9. Enjoy your poor ski that has had to sit for three years.

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    How do you disable the oil pump so i can switch to premix

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    I would not as the oil pumps and the injection system are very reliable on the SeaDoo's. If you have to you will have to buy a block-off kit that includes a plate that replaces the oil pimp on the engine and capps that go on the intake manifoid in place of the oil lines. YOU MUST keep the oil tank and two lines that supply oil to the rotary valve shaft. This is specific to the SeaDoo's as the oil tank supplys an oil bath to the rotary shaft for lubrication. Failure to keep this intact will destroy the rotary valve shaft and engine. As long as you run the specified SeaDoo brand oil and keep the oil filter clean and pump adjusted you should never have a problem with the system. The 580 engine can run the cheapest seadoo oil but I would make sure to only run a SeaDoo brand oil.

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