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    88 Wavejammer restoration (lots of pics)

    Hello all,

    I recently bought a pair of old Wavejammers for $275 because I needed another ski so that the GF and I can both ride and enjoy the summer fun. I already had a waverunner 500 and thought it was plenty of fun so I was looking for another one or something similar so that we would all be on about the same page performance wise. (we have a few of these old 500's among our friends)

    So this is where I began
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    I know that they are not much to look at, and I have read how hard they can be hard to ride. But for less than 300 bucks I can take 2 and make one and have a ton of spares left over! So I begin tearing them both apart and sorting the best parts for use on the better hull.

    The previous owner said that one had a bad CDI and was in the process of changing it, but gave up. I now know why.
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Name:	IMAG0174.jpg 
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    Turns out that both CDI's work fine, but the flywheel and all the coils underneath are trashed. Thankfully the other motor was in much better condition and has decent enough compression. I did finally get this flywheel off. After letting it sit with the puller on it for a few weeks it still would not break free, so I did the unthinkable and cut it into little pieces, slit the collar on the shaft and spread it enough to wiggle the remnants off the untouched shaft. The rest of the motor was fine and had remained dry inside so I atleast have a good short block as a spare.

    More to come later!

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    Both skis were in sorry shape after sitting outside for long periods of time. I chose the best hull and started scrubbing.
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    After it dried out, I sanded and patched up the bottom scratches and painted it. I also put the pump back in while it was upside down. I did get a pair of new stainless impellers with these skis, on skat traks and a jetlyne. I chose to use the skat impeller.
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    After the bottom paint dried enough to flip it over, I started stripping the top of all its stickers and began the sanding.
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    Getting ready for paint
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    1st coat of lacquer
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Several coats of clear
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Name:	IMAG0190.jpg 
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    Most of the way through reassembly
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Name:	IMAG0194.jpg 
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    And the finished product
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    A lot of the work did not get pictures taken like building an ignition system from a pile of parts, patterning and upholstering the seats and general motor work. I did have to change out the output shaft bearing on the motor, much like I've had to do to every other 500 in the fleet. All said, I might have 400 bucks in this project and a load of hours, but I think it should be a fun toy. Now if the ice would go out, I would be able to get it in the water and tune the carb and really be finished.

    Thanks for looking!

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    I have a friend that had one of those back in the day. It was the first ski I ever rode and look where it lead to.
    Good luck with your project, I love stuff like this.

    And welcome to GreenHulk

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