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    2002 XLT1200 Cavitation?

    My 2002 XLT1200 seems to be getting progressively worse. From a stand still - on hard acceleration - the RPM will jump to 7000 and the ski momentarily slows/hesitates - but then it will recover and accelerate normally. It has instant acceleration when running at speed. It has no problems hitting 58 - 60 mph (indicated).

    I did look at the intake plate and see there are a few pine needles stuck in it - but otherwise it looks good. Could this be the impeller?

    I'm sure this is covered somewhere... I didn't see it specifically. Thanks in advance.

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    Look in the how-to section, under pump sealing. The pump inlet area needs sealed up better when new, to prevent air getting sucked in, however, even on stock boats there is a couple of sealing strips in there that can go away and make the cavitation become real bad, like yours.

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    Thanks - I got under it and found about a foot of nylon rope twisted around the shaft and impeller. Hopefully this was the problem! If not I'll check out pump sealing.

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