I'm trying to get my '98 ski running to my satisfaction, I think my last two things that I'd like to resolve are the amount of vibration that I get in the handle bars, mainly the throttle control. The whole ski has a high frequency vibration and I've tried gloves and they don't help. The ski seems to run good, when cold it starts fine with choke and has tons of power and is fast. But, when I stop after it has been running say for 30 seconds and then try and start, I have to pump the throttle a little to get it to start back up and in doing so it floods it just a little and have to let it clear up. If I do it just right sometimes it will start and not be flooded but unlike my other ski I can't just start it nor just give it a tiny bit of throttle to start when hot.

1. What can I check/do to help reduce the vibration in the handle bars, check engine mounts?? How can I track down if it is coming from motor or impeller. I'm leaning towards the engine because when idling it feels rough

2. Any ideas as why it is hard to start after engine is hot?

Thanks for any help...