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    Gutting air box?

    What exactly is involved with gutting the air box? Also what would be a better mod. sponsons or intake grate?

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    As far as the air box goes, if you can afford a 4" intake or rear intake, you would be better off going that route. They would show way better gains. If you're broke and poor then you can gut the airbox. On an RXT you need to remove the cover that the fire extinguisher mounts to, pull out the glove box, and remove the seats. Remove vent tube above the fuel tank. Remove the wires that are hooked to the air box and remove the 4 straps that hold the air box and fuel tank. Take off the hose clamp holding the air box to the intake tube, unplug the rectifier thats located in the front part of the airbox(two plugs), and carefully remove the airbox by pulling it forward into the front storage area. Be careful not to snag any wires while pulling it out. After removing the airbox use a skinny flat head screwdriver to help seperate the clips that hold the two halves together. Once apart you will notice the baffles inside. How you remove them is up to you but it's not super easy. I used some angled tin snips. Reverse removal process and enjoy.

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    i've have a 3'' riva cold air intake 125.00 shipp

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