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    vx cruiser 110 oil change

    So i need to change the oil on my 2007 vx cruiser with 15hrs..I checked it prior to summer and it barely registered on the dip stck(it was cold) i added till it was on the full mark..Total mistake on my part..duh..engine needs to be warm first..

    So obviously its overfilled,after a few weeks i noticed a huge decrease in performance..i found the air box & filter had severe oil contamination..haha..can only laugh at myself ..

    So i am changing the oil & filter now.What is the rec.oil capacity & what oil can you rec.other than factory(unless its the best)

    I already ordered the R&D air filter

    Thanks everyone

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    Total oil cap. for the engine is something around 4.5 quarts, but since the engine uses a dry sump system (no oil pan), you can only remove around 2.5 quarts per oil change. Just like when checking the oil you want to get the engine hot before doing the change, or you will not be able to get very much oil out of the oil tank. Because you are only doing a partial removal of the old oil, most guys recommend doing more frequent oil changes on these engines. What you want to do is to get the oil level right by riding it on the water and getting it good and hot and checking it there. Then once you have the level perfect (I recommend 1/2 way between the marks on the stick) then when you do the oil change you only put back the exact amount you take out (plus a couple of extra ounces if you change the filter).

    As for oil, you are definitely OK sticking with Yamalube. Some guys like to use synthetics, and it is recommended that you go with 10W-40 weight if you use one of those. Look for oils that are FC-W certified (they have the correct additives for marine engines). I personally use Amsoil Marine. I also like the K&N filters since they have a lug on the back that makes getting them off easier. I think the VX takes a KN 303 filter.

    Good Luck

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    Ok great!
    Thanks for the after i suck out as much oil as possible should i start with like 1 1/2 quarts,then warm it up/check it etc..

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    Get the oil level right first, then put back exactly as much as you take out when you do the change.

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    But I think he overfilled it by a mile before, I'm sure he is going to pullout more than 2.5 quarts of oil for this oil change. Lol.

    Definitely for the future oil changes(once you get everything correct), you would put in in roughly the same amount of oil you draw out out.

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    How do you get your hands down to the oil filter? And what keeps the oil from pouring out of the filter hole of the motor when you pull the filter?


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    Extract as much oil as you can first. If your air intake is stock you may need to pull portions of it to reach the filter. Put a wad of paper towels or a few shop towels under the filter before you remove it. Should loose just about a 1/4 cup of oil from the filter/filter hole as long as you're careful not to tip the filter down during removal. If you get a little oil in the hull you can't reach to wipe up, just squirt a couple of tablespoons of Dawn dish soap in that area of the hull. It'll clean itself next ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STIHLBOLTS View Post
    How do you get your hands down to the oil filter? And what keeps the oil from pouring out of the filter hole of the motor when you pull the filter?

    You need to remove the oil first with a suction pump then you need an oil filter cap to remove the filter. The cap attaches to a ratchet and you place it over the filter and turn anti clockwise to loosen it make sure to place rags under the filter to catch spills and have a zip lock bag ready for the old filter place the bag over the filter while its still on the engine and let it drop into the bag have the new filter ready to put straight on and oil the seal on the new filter tighten clockwise then use the ratchet and torque it to the correct settings
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    Great, where do you find a oil filter wrench that small? I know my car grip would swallow two of those tiny filters. Not that I have used my car filter in years. LOL!

    I'll take the air filter off tonight to see if I can get my arm in there.

    Thanks a bunch.

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