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    How to: Install a Sea-doo gas cap on a Polaris

    I upgraded my pair of 1995 SL 650's over the weekend to the better designed Sea-Doo gas cap. My original Polaris caps had their rubber sealing rings completely gone, and the bond between the cap assembly and hull was not very water tight IMO. These caps i used were from a 1998 SPX.

    Step 1: Remove the old cap by disconnecting the fuel hose from the tank and grinding off the heads of the rivets. It should then pop right out.
    Step 2: You will need to slightly enlarge the main cap hole in order for the sea doo cap to fit. I used a dremel and kept going around it evenly until it fit. You will then need to cut out 2 small notches for the added plastic tabs on the sea doo cap in order for it to sit flush on the hull. These tabs are probably so the cap will not spin after inserted.

    Step 3: I then put gorilla tape on the inside of the holes from the rivets that held on the original cap. The purpose of this is so that I could put epoxy in the holes from the top and not have it drip through. I applied two coats or epoxy to each of the 4 holes and made sure it was smooth and flush. You will want to make sure to clean up the area before you apply the epoxy. I also filled in the obvious hull imperfections with epoxy in an attempt to make the sealing surface smooth.

    Step 4: Install the cap with the rubber sealing ring on the outside, and screw the large nut on in the inside of the hull. I then used vise grips to snug the cap a tad more than I could by using my hand. And wha-la your done! You now have an awesome slippable clutch style cap.

    As you can see some of you may think this is ghetto rigged. But on skis this old that I go for literally nothing, its very easy to make a decision to GET IT DONE.

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    Not ghetto rigged at all. Looks very professional. Nice work!!!!!!!!

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    The sea-doo caps are identical ( same mfg) as the later polaris ones. we update these all the time. good stuff!

    I just happen to know of a guy/shop that has these in stock.....

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