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Thread: RXP SC or not

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    RXP SC or not

    They now made the supercharger optional. Any recommendation?
    I am looking for longevity

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    longevity... then the 155 HP will run forever...

    but, u may get bored of it.... i know i would be. that'll be about a 60 mph machine the 155... versus 68+ from the 215 ... and twice the acceleration

    like i said in the other thread... bulletproof the SC by adding metal washers instead of ceramic, and you wont have a problem with normal recreational riding

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    You know how opinions go, but heres mine. I think there will always be less of a chance with something going wrong with less moving parts and vise versa. Superchargers create their own challenges and opportunities for something bad to happen. I had a Ford Lighting that was prone to a few problems but with the right knowledge and preventative maintenance and attention to detail it was a great truck. I had a Mustang Cobra with a vortech that was an awesome car but when someone else bought it they didn't take care of it and the motor went POP! I believe the same can be said for these skis. Everyone knows to get the washers replaced. Read and search the forums and you will find all sorts of info. That being said, if given the option, I would always take the step up. You don't want to be sitting around thinking about what could have been. The first time somebody on the water screams by on their SC RXP you will know you made the wrong decision. Sorry for the long post. Just my 2cents.

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    OK, here`s another:
    it all depends on if your a speed junkie or cruiser. You will get tempted to mod that ski once bitten by the mod bug. Yes you could get bored with a slower model. Some here including myself have spent in excess of $5,000 dollars just to gain 5+ miles per hour. In short I can say that the ceramic failure destroys the engine. If you want power and speed, consider thinking/adding whatever dollar amount you might spend over a 2 year period and add that to the cost of a dif model or dif brand.
    If you are content with reliability and knowing that your machine will run and run and continue to run smooth all season and year after year, then max speed shouldn`t be an issue. Personally I wish I hadn`t spent more time wrenching than riding even though wrenching can be fun.

    my only advice is: figure out what YOU want and choose from there!...PR...
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    me, i would get the sc take the s/c & put the metal washers & cermanic bearing in it & while its apart add the rr s/c fan jerry can do it all 4 u

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    I think that the RXP with the S/C is also very reliable with the metal washers. I have over 150 hours on a stage 1 and it runs like the day I bought it. I would not be afraid to take it on a 50 clock hour trip at all! That would be something like 10 days of riding and if all goes like it always has, never take the seat off. Now when you start over modifying you take things in your own hands. Even a modified craft though can be very dependable if done right. That is my 2 cents worth. I would for sure get the S/C one. And I believe the resale could be better!

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    Off course we will say go s/c. that why we are here. Things to consider though of course are cost but maybe a forgotten one is who do you ride with? No one like being the slow one in the group.

    I would say get the s/c. That way later you can't say " i wish i would have gotten the s/c one."

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