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    08 250x rough at idle when cold


    Just purchased a set of 08 250x this week with 6 hours on them. Both had the 10 hours service completed last year. Went out today for the first time. I found one of them was very rough when cold. Stalled, bogged, etc. After about 5 minutes, it ran fine, Are some of these cold blooded, or should I do a spark plug change? Only 6 hours, but the plugs have been in since new. I found the plug to purchase on this forum, and was planning on changing them out and giving it another shot. Can someone tell me the torque specs on the plugs. Thanks for any help and a great forum.

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    Changed the plugs on both skis to the NGK cr9eix recommended on this site, and they both start up and run flawlessly. I found the number 1 plug on both had some slight rust. I have read some post in regards to the moister build up. Is there a way to avoid this,or just check the plug periodically? Thank you.

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    put a 300 exhaust filter in it this will help with your rust and plug life, hope you antiseized the plugs

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    I did gap, anti seize, and used dielectric. I have read many post on this site in a few short days and have seen some horror stories regarding the plugs. I have skills, but no nothing about the skis yet, lol. Thank you for the suggestion on the filter. Can you recommend a site sponsor for that and other bolts ons. I want to do what I can without voiding the 4 year warranty.

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    The filter won't void the warranty. Has to be ordered through any oem parts supplier. U can go to the store on this site and order from there.

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    Thanks guys. I am going to do a little more reading on the site throughout the week and order that and some other parts. Thanks again.

    Quote Originally Posted by FIRE0021 View Post
    The filter won't void the warranty. Has to be ordered through any oem parts supplier. U can go to the store on this site and order from there.

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