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    2006 RXT Problems

    Hello this is my first post on any forum, and glad its on Greenhulk you guys seem like a good group! Now :
    I just bought a used 2006 RXT ski (I live on gulf coast of FL). It had about 75 hours and swapped out electronics panel (I saw service records and the guy selling to me didn't screw me).
    Paid 4200$ because during the test drive it would top at about 36 mph. I changed a very corroded spark plug and that didn't fix my problem, so I changed my fuel filter. I figured the fuel filter was the problem because the ski really bogs down at high throttle and doesn't have the pull or "rip" that I've felt on others. I know that there is a considerable oil leak now because I also drained and replaced my oil and oil filter, and after riding at idle speed for maybe 15 minutes checking the oil showed an increase on oil level by dipstick reading, and the oil is also very milky and tan. Another thing to consider is when I checked my super charger intake (the hose removed at 1:15 in this video: , and there was a bunch of water with a little oil in it). Also when returning home it would max at 30 mph with rpms constantly going up and down from 4200 to 5600, my taco was like a sine graph. Lot of problems huh?

    In short there I know that I'm going to have to search for which place(s) leak oil, but what else do you guys think?

    Thanks abunch.

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    water in the oil is real bad my guess is head gasket
    do a compression test and leak down test
    bummer about your ski and welcome to the forum
    any mods to it and what does the antifreeze jug look like

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    Were the ceramic washers in the SC changed?
    Did you check and see if you could move the SC impeller easily with your finger?
    Was the oil milky when you first went to look at it?
    What level is your antifreeze at?
    What is the impeller and wear ring condition?
    What is the compression in all 3 cylinders?

    I hate to be a Monday morning Quarterback, but all of this should have been checked before any test ride and certainly before any money changed hands...

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    I will check head gasket tomorrow, no mods everything is stock, but yes I did try to spin SC with my hand, and it was firm - no budge. Impeller was just replaced and is practically brand new. Anti freeze level is just below max, though I haven't done a compression test.

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    Water in the SC intake suggests a leaking intercooler. Do a leak test on it.

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    You should have test drove the ski and came here first before spending any money bro. You have a lot of problems on your hand for $4200 bucks

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    There was NOT milky oil upon purchase, and I really don't think the inside of the engine is corroded from the milky oil. I still believe it was a good purchase at this point, just a little frustrated, also lost my android off the dock yesterday to add to my peachy situation

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    Could be a leaking inter cooler, blown head gasket or it may have ingested water from sinking and all the water was not removed. Stock intake can hold alot of water and the intake manifold, remove both and see if there is water if the IC and leak down compression test check out. How did you drain the oil? It must be sucked out through the dip stick tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bama View Post
    Could be a leaking inter cooler, .
    +1..i would pull and pressure check the ICer first before tearing the motor apart....

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