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    my sea doo starts cranking when the battery is connected with no key

    My 97 sea doo gti was running great. I turned off the engine and after the engine quit running i continued to hear a humming noise that would not stop and the engine would not crank after that. I removed the key and dc'd the battery. i went to reconnect the battery and as soon as i touched the second battery cable to the battery the engine started cranking, wont start just cranks. not sure where to start on this problem.

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    Sounds like the starter is stuck and not disengaging.This thread is most common of what happen to skis. sorry I couldn't help.

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    Welcome to the forum! However, this question is in the wrong section. (this is for Motec support...) Please ask your question in the 2-stroke section or the Open Discussion section. To answer your question, it isn't that your starter is stuck. The problem is either a stuck starter solenoid, or a MPEM problem. Remove the small gauge wire that goes to the solenoid, and attach the battery cable again. If the engine still cranks over, then the solenoid is stuck closed, and needs replaced. If it doesn't crank over, you have a MPEM problem and need to dig deeper.

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    What ended up being your problem? I have the EXACT same issue. Shut it off on the water, heard a humming noise, would not start, unhooked the battery, then when I tried to reconnect the engine started cranking. So while holding the cable to the battery terminal and cranking, I attached the dess lanyard, pressed the start/stop switch and it fired up.

    I dropped it off at a mechanic and he's telling me I need to replace the CDI??? I asked why he thinks that and he says the start/stop tests ok. Plus the buzzer on my dess quite working about a year ago but I thought it was just the buzzer.

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    It's a bad dess post.
    Your mechanic is trying to rip you off with a cdi purchase.

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