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    Thank you from Jettribe!

    Flashback to 2009 Parker, AZ during a local West Coast jetski race. A small company named Jettribe decided to take their product on tour. They loaded up their 20 foot trailer with t-shirts, boardshorts, goggles and some tour coats, found their spot at the event, put up their little 10x20 tent and.....crickets. Jettribe? Who are these guys?

    Fast forward a mere 2 years later at the 2011 IJSBA World Finals at Lake Havasu. Jettribe rolled in on their 36 foot stacker trailer and 100 foot tent, with all the latest and greatest for PWC racing, like the new RS-16 Race Vest with Back Protector, the new watercraft specific Carbon 7 Race Helmet, and the already favorite Moto Tour Jackets and Race Pants. Not only was Jettribe a visible powerhouse anchoring Vendor Alley, but more than half the racers were sporting Jettribe gear. What a difference 2 years makes.

    Jettribe was established in 1996, but it wasn't until 2009 when Jettribe decided to go back to its racing roots and take it on the road. Sales from the very first tour stop didn't even cover the gas it cost to get there, but it wasn't about the money. Jettribe has always been and always will be about the sport. It's reflected in the quality and functionality of gear that we put out there for the PWC enthusiast. We must be doing something right because 2011 was the biggest growth in sales from any previous year for Jettribe.

    While Jettribe is enjoying much success, we're not about to blow it all on the bling. No new whips with spinners for us. No baller vacations just yet. And no loitering in the VIP of the LA club scene. Instead, Jettribe is putting that money right back into what we do best. How about more product to meet demand? 2012 is already looking like it's going to blow the doors off 2011. How about putting that back into racing with an IJSBA sanctioned West Coast tour? How about ditching our warehouse of 15 years and purchasing a 5 acre piece of America (SoCal no less) so we can build a bigger warehouse for starters on the future Jettribe Campus?

    So from all of us at Jettribe, we'd love to thank all our buyers and distributors domestic and overseas for bringing Jettribe to all parts of the world, and to all you riders and fans who put the demand out there for them. Jettribe wouldn't be where we are today without all of you. So keep on riding, and we'll keep doing what we do best for you!

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    Thank you for supporting the DJSA here in Northern California. We appreciate all your support with our organization! Im just a racer there, but we are all pretty close so I feel pretty comfortable when I say WE appreciate it! A Jet Tribe Sponsored West Coast Tour would be nothing short of AMAZING, and absolutley what Cali needs! Now if you guys can do something about gas prices.... HAHA

    Thanks Again,
    Jimmy Fuller #429 Kawi 300x
    IJSBA Stock Runabout
    DJSA SCXP Pro-Am

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    We'll have to defer to someone else to work on those gas prices too. The Jettribe Tour Truck is a thirsty monster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jettribe View Post
    We'll have to defer to someone else to work on those gas prices too. The Jettribe Tour Truck is a thirsty monster.
    I tried reaching out to Jettribe a month ago via your website to see about sponsoring our upcoming event in SoCal, BBSD7. I never heard a word back from the sponsorship email address I sent it to so if you could help, it would be appreciated.Thanks...

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