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    R&D Auto Trim for SHO

    Good mod?
    Is it worth $500?

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    I'm assuming this is a pre 2012 SHO?? The auto trim nozzles definately work as advertised, but unless you're doing CC racing your money might be better spent elsewhere. I've tested lots of different handling setups & what I've found is the SHO hull is actually better in high speed turns with LESS bow pressure because they have a tendency to dig in & hook suddenly when you throw them into a fast corner. With less bow pressure you move the pivot point back a little so it turns on the keel instead of the nose, & that seems to get rid of that hooking, at least it did for me. Keep in mind, I'm 6'2" 240, so what works best for me might not give the same results for a lighter rider. Also, adding angle to improve handling in flat conditions will make it handle worse in choppy or offshore conditions, which is why I use different ride plates for different conditions.

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