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    SMC Hull Repairs FZR

    Can anyone tell me what would be the best way for me to repair some hairline cracks (some a little deeper) that are developing on the rear of my FZR Ski. I have obtained some west system epoxy resin and some fibreglass matting, I have sanded the area down, cleaned and applied 1 sheet of matting, what i want to know is how many sheets should i apply for extra strength in the tail area and is it correct to keep adding more matting over the top after the first one has cured? Can anyone with repair knowledge please comment

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    I think its better to do it all in one lay up. Put in as much matting as you need to make the repair and soak it with the resin. Sand it out when its cured

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    If you still have the factory warranty than go to your closest autherized Yamaha dealer and fight for them to fix. I found out Yamaha had some faulty hulls when the manufactured the FZR. I had the same problem, it took lots of calling and letters but eventually Yamaha said they would cover it. This past summer Japan's top guys met with America's and this was a major topic. If you don't have a warranty than I don't know how much luck you will have with the cracks. But I can say this... be carefull of a total blow out. I have seen it happen. There is even a thread or two posted. Good luck.

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    The matting is to fill a gap if theres a hole large crack etc.Apply enough matting to fill the gap.Use minimal amounts.Do not over lay dry on top of dry fiberglas mattting.See the paint shop in the fourm here i have some pics of this in the thread. if you have questions you also can pm me and i will see how much info i can give you to help you out.

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