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    Need advice...

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but have owned previous pwc's in the past, 2 seadoos. I had an old school '91 SP and a '95 XP. Anyways, got a friend that has a 2001 GTX DI with trailer for sale and only 64 hours on it. They want $3700 for it and I was wanting a little insight on this boat and any pros/cons. I've read on here about the rectifier and low voltage issues. Are there any other warnings or problems that I should be concerned with? I thought the price was ok, especially with the LOW hours. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks

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    Not sure on the price as this varies a lot by area, it seems a little high if you are in the US, in Canada it would be a little on the low side.

    The DI models use much less fuel than a carb model and when they run they run great. The problem is when they break or start having issues the parts are expensive and problems can be hard to diagnose without a trip to the dealer.

    I personally would never own one.

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    A 2001 requires premium fuel so be prepared to bring your own gas everywhere you ride. Most marinas will not have it. That has been my experience. If you are dead set on buying a DI I would find one that runs on 87 octane.

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    for a few bucks more

    I'd certainly say that ANY 4-tec would be a better ride then a 951, specially since the synthetic oil the DI calls for is more expensive then ever!

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    Buy a 4 tec for that money. Even if you go with the 155 or 130 hp its a wayy better ride and machine.

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    i see honda 4stroke turbos for 3 grand all over in louisiana and they are bullet proof with lots of torque but only top out at 61ish. thats redic for an 01 di. had a buddy was barley able to get 2 grand for his 01 carb version lol

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    I am in California and that is about the going rate for a clean DI but I would try to get it cheaper. The 951's are a good ski and I have a few friends that have never had problems. The oil is more expensive at about $40 per gallon but so is an oil change on a 4-stroke. The Fuel injected ski's are nice from a maintence point as there is very little to do but like all modern thing more expensive to fix when they do go bad but in reality it happens less than you might think.

    As far as the 4-strokes, I do not care for them, this is just my opinion. To me they are much heavier and the best way to describe them is not as playfull. The 2-smokes just feel more fun, turn easier and feel lighter on their toes. It is hard to describe but the first time I rode one it just did not do it for me. For a distance ski or ocean ski, the 4-stroke is nice but for just going out to play 2-stroke all the way. The other issue is the cost when something does go wrong, the 4-stroke will cost you an arm and a leg for a major repair compared to the 2-stroke. It is like the Ford Vs. Chevy thing but you should ride a 4-stroke if you have not before you go that way.

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