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    Endurance Race(xl1200ltd)

    hey im doin a endurance race on my xl1200 and what mods do u think i should install...the race it around a isalnd bout 1 hour lonq with 3 pit stop to refuel..we go out the channel ans its choppy sometimes and rough about 3-6ft waves...

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    Some things for you:
    -Wear Bicycle shorts under your wetsuit. Monkey-butt is no fun.
    -Good gloves are a must.
    -Bring 2 extra goggles. Change them at the gas pits. Spit works pretty good at keeping the fogging down.
    -What's the longest you have ever riden your ski, with all your race gear on? Go ride 5 miles with ALL your race gear. Make changes to make yourself comfortable.
    -Stand, as much as possible. Your knees are better shock absorbers than your ass. Stay over the bars in the rough stuff and the corners. Stay on the back when it smooths out.
    -FULL THROTTLE is usually easier than 30mph. Don't let up.
    -Breathe. Most folks start holding their breath. Sing, Yell, tell a story, but KEEP BREATHING. I am frequently heard YELLING at the top of my lungs...
    -RELAX your arms. If you squeeze the grips, you won't last 10 minutes.
    -Relax. It's supposed to be fun.
    -Wrap your arms around the bars, if your hands fatigue, and use them to hold the throttle open, relaxing your hands.
    -Bring your medical insurance and leave it with a friend on shore...just in case.

    For your ski:
    -Hydroturf and side lifter wedges.
    -Change the plugs, top off oil, etc.
    -Bring a orange flag, and some type of radio. Baggies work nice.
    -Verify your battery is secure, and all the cables are clean and tight.
    -If your hood clasp isn't perfect, duct tape down your lid.
    -Use fresh gas, and don't try to "last-minute" jet your ski. If it's running good, leave it alone.
    -Your ski is slow. Beat them in the pits, and with gas mileage. Unfortunately, I think your ski has a 12 gallon tank, so you will have a tough time making the best of it. If you are pre-mix, you hold even less gas.
    Use your ski's ability in rough water to take advantage of faster, lighter skis.
    -Top the tank off, to the very top on the first fuel. Don't waste gas.
    -Don't waste time in the pits. Every ONE MINUTE you spend in the pits, is ONE MILE ahead the next ski is.
    -Know when your ski is out of gas. Getting towed is no fun.
    -With a clean gas can, fill it up with water, and practice filling another gas can up. Get used to the feel, and make sure the vent system works properly. Don't forget to dump out the water.
    -Most skis are going to be faster than you. If you are reliable, then you will beat a few of them.

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    Hydrotoys, Nice post very good information well thought out! Also add an electric bilge pump .
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    Yeah that post needs a sticky

    "Endurance racing 101" Todays Instructor HydroToys

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