I'm new to the forum, but not new to boating. I have a 1999 1200XL LTD bought new and kept since with only 50 hours on it. I'm looking to be more active with it and basically am wondering where are the best areas around me (Miami, Fl) to head out, since PWC's are banned from Biscayne Natl. Park......

A little bit of backround;
The Xl was bought new in '99 and rarely used for anything except it's original purpose, which was as a chase boat for our raceboats when we went testing. The Xl has 50 original ours on it now, but only 25 on the current motor. The original motor actually stuck the third piston and was warrantied out by Yamaha back in 2000 (oil injection system failed). Since then, it has only been in salt water once, only ever used in fresh water and never really ridden hard, since it spent most of it's time beached for a "just in case" scenario.

That being said, we test in a new location and no longer need the Xl for the "chaseboat" role. So it either has to go, or be used. I decided given the fact it's basically mint, I would much rather use it than just sell it, as I will never get close to what it's worth. So, I'm looking for good places to go out and run it, and maybe even some people to ride with!

I was considering heading down to Card Sound Rd this weekend and running it out there. Has anyone run down there before? Is it a good area? Just trying to figure out where I can use this thing, considering it's banned from the park, and it's all no-wakes and 30mph speed limits everywhere else north.

Also, the Xl has been slightly modified, with some more stuff planned. So far has a cat-delete with the sensor chip, and the oil block-off, and some aftermarket sponsons (can't remember which). I *intend* on installing a R&D intake grate and maybe even a ride plate and solas impellar. I don't need to go too fast, already got the raceboats for that. Just want to have a good hook-up for tubing and a somewhat good ride in snottie water.

Carlos M.