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    2006 honda f12x bypass knock sensor

    is there a way to bypass the knock sensor on a 2006 f12x ?

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    Nope it emits a frequency of somekind and ecu looks for irregular frequencys to signal trouble code or retard timing

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    The sensor is a microphone tuned to the 6600 HZ "ping" and alerts the ECM that a cylinder is pinging before detonation occurs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watters500 View Post
    is there a way to bypass the knock sensor on a 2006 f12x ?

    A few years ago I had a 4 channel knock sensor box made. It has a LED readout and is waterproof. I was mounting one tonight on a Honda Ski with a special dash. It works with a 4 channel ignition (as opposed to wasted spark) and you do need a engine management system to use it.

    It can be done on the stock ski with the stock ECU but why would you?


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