We are glad to invite you to IJSBA 2012 World Offshore Championship that will be held September 10-15, 2012 in Russia, Vladivostok as A and B Category riders.
The Championship promoters are IJSBA, IJSBA Europe and IJSBA affiliate in Russia.
The racing event will be arranged in two categories: A Category (OPEN) and B Category (Manufacture Stock).
The race will consist of 10 separate motos with average distance of 150 km (including refueling stops).
The Championship prize fund for A Category is 10 000 USD and for B Category is 7500 USD.
Chris MacClugage, Russell Marmon, Jean Bruno Pastorello, Teddy Pons, Craig Warner, Nicolas Rius, James Bushell, Davy Vaitilingon, Vincent Karam, Jean Baptiste Botti are already invited to participate in A Category.
All information will be available on www.russkigrandprix.com
Please, feel free to contact us at vladdavos@gmail.com to discuss further details if you are interested to participate in the racing event.

League Jet 25 Executive Director
Ryabko Yury