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    98 though 2001 looking full hull

    im looking for good hull with paper work that is legal.i have 2000 gtx three seater with77.7 hours on but kid wrecked it on rock he ok seadoo hull is shot.all im just going swopp all know what years will work engine is 951 i was hoping some here in indiana.could help

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    are you sure the hull isnt repairable?
    ive seen some nastly wrecked skis put back to life..


    and, not sure on how much the ski is worth, but IMHO id sell it in parts, it will (well should at least) make enough money to get a newer ski, or even the same age ski
    and what ever part you wont sell would be an extra part for you..

    IMHO its hard to find hulls, as some want too much $$$ for the piece of plastic...
    hope i helped..

    P.S. im sure you can find a different hull say from a gti (or any other model that shared the same hull)
    and salvage some pieces (like the hood if its missing)

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    I found about 8 of them on ebay...

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    Most people cannot even give those old hulls away. I have taken several to the dump. Put a WTB in the classifieds.

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