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    1994 650sl

    ok folks I'm obviously new here and am hoping to find some information. I just recently bought two pwc's. One is a 1994 Polaris 650sl and the other is a 1996 Polaris 780sl. I havent been able to take them out yet because well to be perfectly honest I'm a big baby and its way too cold still here in Oklahoma. But, my question is, is there a way to install a rooster tail kit of some kind on either one of them? I have always thought they looked neat and just figured it would be worth asking. Thanks for any responses.

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    Someone told me you can get those from West Marine but I have never checked.

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    Why not help support the Greenhulk site and buy the fittings here:

    What you can do is T into the water outlet hose coming off the thermostat housing that leads to the large, 3" exhaust hose. Make a T with 3/4" hose fittings on 2 ends and the T with 1/2" ID of the bypass fitting. You can mount the bypass fitting somewhere on the rear of hull and voila, you have a rooster tail just like the Yamaha skis.


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    thank you!! will for sure try this!!

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