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    Seadoo 3d rfi problems

    I have a Seadoo 3d RFi and problem i have is i can start the ski but it misfires and will not take the throttle. I have changed the fuel and everything seems to be working alright. I have put two sets of plugs throught it and sometimes they spark. When i put it on the garden hose, it starts misfiring and when i take the plugs out sometimes there is a spark there sometimes there isnt. It like the spark is fading away on it and they sem to be oiled up. Ski only has 26 hours on it. Can anyone help please?

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    Does this ski has ever floded?. Some times if the sator area has water inside it can cause the triger to miss the reading and misfire. This particular RFI engines in my opinion are very sensitive in the fuel delivery area. They have two separate MPEM one for the injectors and one for the timming and DESS. Not sure for that year if they still run on a single coil. If yes when you do the spark test you wont get to se so much for spark. At least that happened in older models. Check the throtlle adjustment and if this doo was in service recently check also if the harness for the throttle is conected ok. sometimes by mistake it culd have another conector that fits plugged wrong.

    In a more technical view fuel pressure is a point to check also a compression test won't do bad .

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    ou need to be able to check error codes...otherwise just set fire to your time/money. If I had to make a guess..I'd start with the tps...right after putting an a/c voltmeter on the battery and checking for a faulty regulator.

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    What year is it, there is multiple setups for these... Have you read the fault codes in candoopro or buds?

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    Some of the RFI's run on 1 cylinder when cold and switch back and forth to prevent loading up.

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