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    What is the differens in between the Speedster and Sporster ?

    Like the title says,looking for a small boat and was wondering what the difference is on the Speedster and Sportster,both with 4-tec 215 hp engines ?

    What is the topspeed of those (Gps) ?

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    Depending on the year, there was a sportster with a 115 or 215hp engine- about 58 mph I think with the 215engine, in the next years the sportster went away and was replaced by the speedster 150 which was also a 4 seater with the same engines. There is also a speedster 200 which is duel engine and holds 7 people.

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    I guees i will be looking for a Speedster then,how fast will it go if it has enough power,who has the fastest Speedster with a single engine ?

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    Got 55MPH on my GPS with a Speedster 150 215HP 2007

    No tuning at all...

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