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    Raider sprung a leak over winter

    I pulled my Raiders out of the garage this weekend. I opened the hood on my 701 and I had a pond in the hull. A gallon + of gas and mixed with years of oil and grime and it smelled like a part cleaner. It appeared that a primer line broke over winter. I was surprised it would leak so much. There must have been some pressure occurring over winter. Anyone ever had the same mishap?

    I leaned back the trailer and managed to empty most of the gas out the drain holes into an old gas can. I then cleaned up engine compartment and waterbox area. Next I took it to a car wash and thourougly douched the wench. I've been keeping the hood open and it's outside but it still smells a bit strong. Anything I can do further to cut down on the smell and more importantly, is there a risk of explosion from fumes?

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    yes there is some thing to fix your prob. open hood let set in sun. if you have a fan use it. the gas soked it the foam so it will take a little wile for it to evap. good luck.

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    Yes - I've been letting nature help me out. Luckily I have much of the foam removed. Fan is a good idea. Will do.

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    put some tide in the bottom,a few gallons of water and take it for a ride on trailer
    bring home and drain,refill with fresh water and do it again

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    I took it to the carwash and gave it a good soap n' cleaning with the pressure wand. I've had the hood open and seat storage compartment removed for weeks now. The stink is diminishing.

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