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    Another Newbie VX

    Greetings! Long time reader, just finally got my ski and decided to join! Lots of great advice on this forum. Can't say thanks enough to all of you who posted great answers to all the other guys who had Vx questions; i got some great info about the Vx prior to purchase (first working ski for me; had a seized wave venture back in the day).

    I just purchased a '05 Vx Deluxe. Runs great, no corrosion on engine (other than a very small bit 1"-2" on the starboard side block that will brush off and on coupling on two hoses on the bottom), compression 180,180,178,178 after warm up. Here's the concern; I got it from a dealer, but the guy who traded it it left it on a mooring in brackish water (first time I every heard of a ski being stored on a mooring). There is bottom paint on the hull, which I am going to remove with acidtone (i used it on my boat hull once in a while, I assume is should be ok on the ski).

    Obviously since this guy left it on a mooring, he didn't flush it,. I anticipated seeing a ton of corrosion, but nothing (doesn't mean there isn't any in the open loop cooling system). Ski has 65 hrs on it. I have read on the forum some people are using Fluid Film to flush the engine? Any advice before I start the season? The exterior of the ski and engine are immaculate other than those two couplings that are beneath the engine; bilge looks brand new, no stains, oils spots or anything. Cables are all intact, no rot. The ski was maintained and winterized by the dealer every year.

    Basically, the dealer is finishing the DMV registration for me and I am picking it up on wed and it gets a new home in my garage; I was looking for some advice on how to preserve my new baby for the new season. Should I use the salt away, rinse with fresh water, and then fluid film the whole thing? Not sure of order other than fluid film last.

    Thanks again and stay safe!


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    Welcome to the Forum....

    Personally I wouldnt buy a ski that was stored in the water......JMHO

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