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    Guys - I need your help with my VXR...I can not remove this freakin intake grate!!

    I bought one of the original R&D grates (the ones that are breaking ) from the online store. R&D is going to replace it with the newer version, but I can not get this thing off. Guess I did a good job with the Permatex Ultra Black :/ I have tried ratchet straps, prying, pulling, thin steel wire/razor blades to cut the silicone...and this thing will not come loose. What is the secret? Surely I am not the only one that has had this problem.

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    heat gun,,,, slow steady pressure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    heat gun,,,, slow steady pressure
    +1,,,yep...ultra black is some sticky stuff. Heat works to soften it up.

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    put a pry mini bar between transom and grate. Put a ratchet tie down around the cross bar of ya trailer (the one that runs across by the axle )and put the hook of it around the intake bars.
    heat the hole thing ...take up the strain and then lever the bar towards the pump forcing the tip into the grates cavities where the pump plug would go.. easy as

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