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    Bad impeller housing...

    I was struggling all last summer to find some speed. During a winter project I found that my impeller housing was warped. The area where the prop runs was OK but just ahead of it the thin sleeve has warped and pulled away from the housing. I know that this is causing a speed loss and disturbing flow but I wonder how much this is affected my speeds. I know some of you have had similar problems in the past. Its too cold to test so I was curious what to expect....

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    I think you had a massive air leak, between your housing and your back plate. Make sure to seal that area up GOOD. It's happened to a few of us.

    I don't know if you'll actually see any difference with speed/rpm or not...but your ski will live longer.

    Also make sure you install all the dowel pins when reassembling the pump. If one goes missing, it will burn a liner eventually.

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    It could be a leak for sure because I have never had the liner out before today. It was stuck in there good but still could of had a leak. What do you recommend for sealent on assembly???

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlawGPR View Post
    What do you recommend for sealent on assembly???
    Yamahabond or I use Hondabond.

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    I use hondabond also because you can buy it at the Honda car dealerships a lot cheaper than anything else.

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    Thanks for the info. I will put this thing back together when the weather warms.

    Also what about the pump shoe, pusked back or towards the front.

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    Do you have any burn marks on the liner where the prop spins, right at the 7 o'clock position as you look at it from the rear? It will look like some acid was dripped on the liner and ate away at it. If so, you had an air leak most likely.

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