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    250x 2007 Piston Damage

    I am rebuilding this 07 250x that dropped a valve and damaged the head and made a hole in the piston.
    Queation i have should i replace the big end bearings and new bolts on the bearing cap. I figured the bearing may have taken a beating as the piston was acting like a 9 lb hammer.

    The other question should i do away with the breather case and upgrade to 2008 250x as i have a set of damged 2008 casing handy?


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    Run 260 pistons. 250 ones are gay.

    Personally, I would be investigating the dropped valve before proceding further.

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    I agree. I'd probably be having a good look at everything. When you drop a valve you typically spray bits of metal everywhere. Including back up and through the manifold and into other pistons.

    I'd be having a very good look at the bottom end. I don't personally know the 250x engine (but had it happen in the race car). I'd suspect bits of metal will be floating around everywhere. The oil pump will probably be full of bits of metal too.

    Dropping a valve is probably one of the worst failures that can happen (in my experience) it makes a real mess. I'd rather run lean and cook a piston any day.

    Good luck.

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    i didnt replace bottom end bearings but i removed the crankcase cover, stripped down the pick up and flushed everything out, i replaced the oil pump internals. but each engine will be different it would depend how long the engine was ran in a damaged state.

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