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    2007 GTX 155hp broken piston

    Recently purchased a blown GTX for a decent price. The centre piston let go and the rest is history (literally). This wasn't a bad rod bearing or broken rod and such, the piston pin broke out of the piston and sent it flying into the head. Just wondering if anyone else has ran into an issue with weak pistons or any similar failure? Any idea what would cause the piston to break apart? There was no foreign objects found onside and the cylinder was in near perfect condition. Very low hours on the machine as well.

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    I repaired an engine a few years ago where it looked like the circlip give way on a stock class Rxp but different pistons and compression to a 155. Man it made a mess though as it cracked the block through the cylinder and wall and moved it a few mm.

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    Yeah, it sure made a mess. The case is completely destroyed. It doesn't look like a circlip issue. It looks like the piston seized and the rod and pin kept going. Only, there is no scoring on the cylinder wall and the piston rings and lands looked fine. Is it possible a previous hydro lock could have weakened the piston enough that it would come apart in such a fashion? It appears that the piston let go on the exhaust stroke and kept going up as the rod went down and out of the block.

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    Yes, I have seen three like this, same thing, #2 piston gone, pin and rod still there

    Not sure whats going on but I would like to talk to you about your experience as I have see now three engine that are all NA 155's and the #2 piston is clean blown out of the hole, sometime's bent valves and broken rockers and on the one today a valve was broken clean off. The odd thing is I notice that the exhaust valves are not burned black like #1 and #3 they are cleaned off clean like the engine was steam cleaning the valve off. I don't know what the history is it was in all three cases ski's that I got for a couple hundred bucks. I have software and hardware from

    [urlClick image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0857.jpg 
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ID:	268800Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0859.jpg 
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ID:	268801Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0862.jpg 
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Name:	DSCF0864.jpg 
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Name:	DSCF0865.jpg 
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ID:	268804 and the software scan shows some strange codes.

    Please feel free to call me and we can exchange experience on this.


    Reg Reemer

    BHC Arizona.

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